I have hyperemesis! How do I survive this!?!

The HER Foundation is here to help you survive hyperemesis gravidarum! This page is all about resources to survive HG. We also have pages that help you understand how severe your HG is and where to get help.


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Medication management strategies
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Get the help you need.

  • Call emergency services if you need immediate care.
  • Find a doctor and volunteer to offer help in your area.
  • Join our online support groups or monthly support meeting.
  • Email us if you can't find the support you need.
  • Contact our Crisis Warmline for urgent questions by calling 833-2ChatHG (833-224-2844) in USA.

FAQs about HG & HER


Understanding how to treat HG varies with each mother and each pregnancy. Fortunately, there are a number of medications available and we have many tools like our treatment protocol for patients and doctors that can help you navigate care. We are always here to help you through this difficult time.


HG Treatment

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Top 5 Questions To Ask When Nothing Is Helping
How YOU can Help the HER Foundation

Importance of Thiamine in pregnancy/HG

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