I have hyperemesis! How do I survive this!?!

The HER Foundation is here to help you survive hyperemesis gravidarum! This page is all about resources to survive Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). We also have content that will help you understand how severe your HG is and where to get help.

HELP Score

The HyperEmesis Level Prediction Score was developed by the HER Foundation to quantify HG symptoms into a score that can be trended over time to monitor progress and response to treatment. Access the validating score tool to determine whether your HG symptoms are mild, moderate, or severe.

Understand My HG

"Help me understand how sick I am!" When sick, it's challenging to know how severe it is and what steps to take. Find tailored resources, starting with HG warning signs that signal a call to your doctor and alternative medication options for swallowing difficulties.

Patient Treatment Guide

Access step-by-step instructions, supplement advice, and medication options in the Patient Treatment Guide. This algorithm details exact medications and IV fluids in their typical order, along with practical tips for managing severe pregnancy nausea and vomiting.

Patient Brochures

Hyperemesis Gravidarum Patient Treatment Brochure

Patient Treatment Guide: to guide you through the HER Treatment Algorithm

Fact Sheets | Complications of HG

Get the help you need.

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FAQs about HG & HER


Understanding how to treat HG varies with each mother and each pregnancy. Fortunately, there are a number of medications available and we have many tools like our treatment protocol for patients and doctors that can help you navigate care. We are always here to help you through this difficult time.


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Importance of Thiamine in pregnancy/HG