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Women with HG often lose 5% of their body weight or more in early pregnancy.

Calculate the percentage you have lost to see how severe your loss is. Excessive and rapid weight loss is unhealthy regardless of your pre-pregnancy weight. So those who are overweight will still become vitamin deficient quickly and should be treated with fluids and IV vitamins at a minimum.

Usual Weight: Actual Weight: Percent Weight Change:
lbs. or kgs. lbs. or kgs. %

TimeSignificant Weight Loss (%)Severe Weight Loss (%)
1 week1-2%> 2%
1 month5%> 5%
3 months7.5%> 7.5%
6 months10%> 10%

Source: Reprinted from Blackburn GL, Bistrian BR, Maini BS, Schlamm HT, Smith MF. "Nutritional and metabolic assessment of the hospitalized patient." JPEN. 1977; 1:11-22.

* Percent Weight Change = [(Usual Weight - Actual Weight) ÷ (Usual Weight)] x 100

NOTE: This scale is based on non-pregnant subjects.