Research on HG's short- and long-term effects is desperately needed and needed now. We need to do more to find a cure for this disease that has such devastating effects on a growing number of soon-to-be mothers.

- Xavier Becerra

Current Research

Currently, the HER Foundation is researching many aspects of HG but focused on:

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Why More Research Is Needed

First we found the gene,

Then we found the mutation,

Now we found the mechanism,

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Our Research


The HER Foundation research team is one of only a few teams in the world dedicated to researching hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). Our goals are to 


Research Findings

HER Foundation research is directed by  Dr. Marlena Fejzo (Board Member and Research Advisor) in conjunction with leading universities such as USC.

Grant funding is rare for HG. Please support our research.

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