In partnership with Zenfinity Pictures, the HER Foundation has begun filming an international documentary about the impact of HG. This documentary is part of a global initiative to advance research relevant to the health of (pregnant) women. It will raise awareness and educate the public, employers, policy makers & health care providers about NVP/HG and its far-reaching physical, psychological, social, and economic effects as well as gather support, resources, and funding for the HER Foundation. We want to paint a powerful, yet realistic portrait of what it means to suffer NVP or survive an HG pregnancy. 

We have assembled a top-notch Hollywood film crew comprised of members who were personally affected by HG and are being advised by award winning Producers and Directors. 

Our goal: Conduct regional seminars and interviews with HG patients and clinicians.

About the Directors

Rachael and Bevin have both been working in the industry for over 15 years and been behind the camera, writing, directing, and producing for a little over three years. They released their first short film this year with some acclaim and also have a narrative feature in early pre-production.


This is a not-for-profit documentary, and any proceeds will go to the HER Foundation to support global HG education, research, and advocacy work.