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Additional Maternal-Fetal Specialists (Perinatologists) can also be found in their Society's network.


Dr. Ralph Magnusson

5200 Fairview Blvd, Wyoming, MN, United States 55092

Dr. Kaitlin Barabash

5200 Fairview Blvd, Wyoming, MN, United States 55092

Emily Likins Ehlers

355 S. State Street, Manhattan, IL, United States 60442
Specialties: Emotional & social support for HG pregnancies. Self advocacy with physicians. Termination.

Dr. Matthew Bigos

111 Hundertmark Road, Chaska, MN, United States 55345
Specialties: High risk pregnancy, HG, minimally Invasive surgery, cystitis, and adolescent gynecology
Dr. Bigos was amazing. I thought I was having a miscarriage early on and he handled it so kindly and well. He was superb. I ended up with HG and he didn’t hesitate to help me find the right mix of medications. We tried Reglan and Zofran which kinda worked but ultimately compazine worked best for me. He was great to work with. He was kind, friendly, answered all my questions. Also, he was wonderful at addressing disparities in maternal care for moms of color and handled all my questions regarding that professionally and correctly.

Howard Sharp

50 N Medical Dr., Salt Lake City, Utah, United States 84132
Specialties: Home healthcare and feeding tube experience

Dr. Catherine Casey

3 Pery Square, Limerick city, Limerick, Ireland Limerick

Dr. Eli Zinner

220 Palisade Dr #203, Santa Maria, California, United States 93454
(805) 354-7101
He helped me so much with my 1st hg pregnancy. I will be returning to him with this next baby currently.

Naomi Hall,CLC

34 Carter Street, South Portland, Maine, United States 04106
Specialties: A certified doula and lactation counselor specializing in postpartum care for women living with HG. Having had it myself I focus on emotional support and healing through nutrition.
Remote packages available!

Dr. Darren Goff

4140 W Memorial Road, Oklahoma City, OK, United States 73120

Dr. Kevin Weary

6071 East Woodmen Rd., Colorado Springs, CO, United States 80903
Dr. Weary fit me in quickly for a first OB appointment after two ER trips in four days at just over 6 weeks pregnant. Has personal family experience with HG, so truly gets it!!!! Provided multiple medicines immediately as I was still vomiting on the ER's prescribed Phenergan. His office is connected to St. Francis hospital, so it's easy for medical records and ER info to be seen/relayed back and forth. Both the hospital and the OB office accept Medicaid and the ER provides a self-pay option that immediately takes 60% off the bill.