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Miriam Erick, MSRD CDE

, Boston, Massachusetts,
Dietary Consults

Dr. Allan Akerman

1220 Hemlock Way ste 200, Santa Anna, California, 92707
(714) 966-9795

Dr. Travis Klingler

2710 E Harney St #100, laramie, Wyoming, USA 82072

Dr. Kim Westbrook

3116 Willett Dr, Laramie, Wyoming, USA 82072
Anti nausea meds (zofran, promethazine, reglan, omenprazole, zantac etc) IV treatments at clinic and at infusion center, steroid treatments

Costa Sousou, MD

800 West Avenue South, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA 54601
Dr. Sousou took good care of me during my difficult pregnancy. I suffered from severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum and had to be hospitalized several times in my first trimester. He was patient with me, returned my phone calls in a timely manner, did whatever he could to alleviate my condition, and then referred me to a high-risk ob when my conditioned worsened. The nurses were caring and supportive during each visit. The office staff was polite and kindly answered billing questions. I credit Dr. Sousou, the nurses, and staff of Women's Health Care Group with giving me a healthy son. ***I see that someone complained about waiting hours to see the doctor. Doctor's may run late due to emergency C-sections, patients having miscarriages, and women like me who were vomiting so much they had to be seen RIGHT away! It stinks to have to wait, but if another patient is having an emergency I can completely understand.

Beth Weidel

5801 Research Park Blvd #400, Madison, Wisconsin, USA 53719
Beth is a great listener, and is willing to go to bat with insurance companies and other coordinating care specialists to help manage HG cases from "mild" to severe. She is willing to research new treatment options and develop a plan that meets patients' individual needs and circumstances.

Dr. Anne Weiss

20 S Park St, Madison, Wisconsin, USA 53715
Specialties: Neurology

Dr. Sumona Saha

750 University Row, Madison, Wisconsin, USA 53705
Specialties: She was the first physician in the country to complete a training program in gastroenterology with a specific focus on women's health, and has authored publications on hyperemesis gravidarum.
Dr. Saha is fantastic. She's super-compassionate and knowledgable about HG treatments and research, and because of her fellowship has more experience treating severe HG than any other physician in the Madison area. She is willing to be creative about med combinations and interventions, and is diligent about following up with patients to ensure they are managing the physical and emotional strain of HG as well as possible. She is responsive to questions and concerns, and coordinates well with treating OBs.

Dr. Trevver Buss

112 Helen St, Sauk City, Wisconsin, USA 53583
Specialties: Family Practice, OB

William Heifner, MD

137 S Main St, Oregon, Wisconsin, USA 53575
Specialties: Family practice, OB, Pediatrics
steroids, zofran, iv therapy, reglan etc.