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Dr. Marlena Fejzo

Would you like to participate in HG Progress?

We have research opportunities for currently pregnant moms with and without HG. Please participate.

HG Pregnancy Data Collection

We are closing our current HG database. LAST CHANCE to include your pregnancy!

HG Care App

If you are currently in your first trimester, suffering from nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, please email Dr. Fejzo at You will be asked to provide feedback on your pregnancy symptoms and outcomes via surveys during the study. We are looking for pregnant women across the spectrum of nausea and vomiting, so please invite your friends who are pregnant with nausea and vomiting (they do not have to be diagnosed with HG) to participate.

Please note: this is a research study and participation is voluntary. Your decision whether or not to participate will not affect the treatment you are currently receiving nor your relationship with your health care provider.

Check out our HG Care App

HELP Score Validation

We are doing an important survey to validate the HELP Score (HyperEmesis Level Prediction Score) which tells us how severe HG is today.

We need women to fill out this survey before and after they have a change in treatment. Start by filling it out today and then the day before you get medical care like IV fluids or new medication; then fill it out again about 12-24 hours later. If you’re in the hospital, please try to fill it out once each day. The first survey is a little longer than the follow-up 24 hours later because we have to collect your pregnancy history and other standard research information, so feel free to start anytime.

Most importantly, we need to see how your score changes with treatment. Please invite women without HG to be our control group. Thanks!!

Nutrition Assessment Study

We know that women with HG often suffer more because of vitamin deficiencies. This nutrition assessment study will help us prove that. If you are pregnant, please fill out the research survey online. You can do it on your phone or your friend/family member can ask you the questions and fill it out for you. Please fill it out on more than one day, especially after you receive IV nutrition or vitamins. It will take about 10 minutes. You can save it part way if needed and finish later.

Note: A family member can enter your data for you. If you have feedback, email 

Thank you for your time and for being part of HG progress!

Other HER Foundation Surveys and Polls

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Although hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) affects millions of women annually across the globe, the interest and funding for HG research is very small. HER has been collaborating with the world's leading researcher, Dr. Marlena Fejzo since 2001. We collaborate with experts from universities in many countries and are the leading research team with our many groundbreaking studies including finding the first causes of HG, your genes!

We appreciate your donations to take HG research to the next level. Please support the HER Foundation's research studies with Dr. Fejzo with a monthly donation! Together, we can make HG history!

Other HG Research Opportunities

Governmental Studies (US)

Pregnancy Registry (FDA/Office of Women's Health) If you are pregnant and currently taking medicine — or have been exposed to a medicine during your pregnancy — you may be able to participate and help in the collection of needed information. This web site provides a list of pregnancy registries that are seeking participants. is a service of the National Institutes of Health Developed by the National Library of Medicine. You can search for research studies in which to participate as well as investigate the findings of medical research.