Global Health Professional Referral List

There are no HG specialists but you can search for health professionals who have been recommended by others who had HG. Email us if you cannot find someone nearby. Most health professionals have limited training on HG so sometimes it takes a few tries to find one. You can also add an amazing health professional and read on interviewing a new doctor.

Connect Online

HG families around the world join together to offer support along your journey. 

Join our NEW HER HG Community! This community allows us to join together on a social-media-free platform to connect and support one another.

We have several Facebook groups and a monthly online support Facebook group hosted by experts on HG.

You can also request peer support by another mother who had HG for encouragement and understanding. Email us to be matched or sign up to support others.

You can still access our old Forums for practical info on the experience of HG.

Immediate Help

If you are having a medical crisis, call 911 or go to the hospital. If you are having thoughts of suicide, call or text the national suicide crisis line, 988.

If you have an urgent question about HG that is sensitive or unanswered by HER Foundation support groups, email us or call our warmline at 1-833-2ChatHG. You can also send us a Case Consultation request

DID YOU KNOW? Our clinicians volunteer their time to support YOU and thousands of other families. Please consider donating to sustain our support programs or hold a fundraiser on Facebook.

Suggested donation: $25/15 min consult. An average consult is 30-60 min.

Help for Mothers >>

Women with severe nausea/vomiting during pregnancy (HG)


Family & Friends Guide >>

Supporters and advocates for women with severe nausea/vomiting of pregnancy (HG)


Health Professionals Guide >>

Professionals and researchers interested in effective management of HG


Volunteer >>

Women experienced with HG who want to help HER and other women with HG.