What is an HG protocol?

An HG protocol is a written plan created with your doctor that details your treatment plan. It includes a list of how you will prepare for pregnancy such as taking prenatal vitamins, getting your weight close to ideal, and making sure you are in good health. It will also list the vitamins and medications you will take early in pregnancy when HG symptoms begin, and those that will be added if needed. Ask your OB to review the HER Treatment algorithm to see if they are willing to offer multiple options as needed.

Questions to Ask

Here are some of the questions you may want to include in your protocol:

What did you learn in the past that you would do differently?

How will you prepare your family and home for HG?

What will you do when you first learn you are pregnant?

What symptoms will prompt you to call your doctor?

What medications will you take at the first sign of HG (nausea or vomiting limiting intake)?

What medications will be tried should symptoms be worse than a previous pregnancy?

What route will you administer medication? Tablet, ODT (oral dissolving tablet) by mouth, ODT vaginally, IV, subcutaneous infusion (subQ pump), suppository, compounded preparation, patch?

When you you get IV fluids and what type? What vitamins and electrolytes will be added?

When will nutritional interventions occur? What will they be?

What other doctors will be consulted on your case?

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What does an HG protocol look like?

It can be handwritten pages, a typed document, or a spreadsheet. Your protocol mainly lists the medications you plan to take and any other treatments you want to consider like IV nutrition. It is ideal to also include the point at which IV fluids will be given and if they will be given at home or at a clinic.

What is the purpose of an HG protocol?

The goal is to be sure your doctor is willing to prescribe the medications you may need, and also willing to treat HG at the onset of symptoms, so you decrease the risk of developing severe HG.

Two tips:

  • It is easier to prevent severe symptoms versus control them.
  • What worked best in the past is a good starting point.