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Kari Dermer Morgenstein (3)-min

"Liora and I would not be here today without the medical interventions I received. This is not the reality for far too many women. This fund is meant to give women a little bit of light when they are completely surrounded by darkness. We were there and we know what it feels like. We must help other women receive the care they need in the hopes of making their journeys a little easier."
- Kari Dermer

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Launching in 2024!

About the LED (Light Easing Darkness) Crisis Fund

The HER Crisis Fund is being established to aid women during an HG pregnancy. This fund will ensure women suffering from HG have access to immediate medical interventions they need for their survival and the survival of their unborn child.

Mission of the LED Crisis Fund

This fund will provide expecting mothers in need and suffering from HG with up to $500 in financial aid to assist with critical medical bills during their pregnancy.

Objectives of the LED Crisis Fund:

  • Ensure sustainability of the fund year after year.
  • Establish an application process for women and/or their families to apply (in the USA only for now).
  • The fund would be used as a last resort. Funding will be provided directly to the health care provider/institution.


  • All other funding sources must be used before funds will be awarded. The family must show proof that an attempt to find other funding sources and/or insurance coverage has been denied.
  • These women must agree to provide photos of their family after the birth and write a short paragraph on the impact of the crisis fund.
  • Women must be willing to make efforts to help sustain the fund in the future by online fundraisers or similar projects.

Light Easing Darkness (LED) Crisis Fund was seeded by Kari and Jay Dermer in honor of their daughter Liora, born 1/1/2020. Kari and the Board of Directors are working to create the policies and manage disbursement of funds. Contact us if you would like to help with this important project.

We have long wanted to offer support to HG families in need and are thrilled to have the passion and energy of the Dermers who will help lead this project forward.

Thank you to our sponsors

The Morgenstein Family