The HER Foundation is dedicated to those suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) and those who have survived it. Our mission is to advance HG research, as well as provide resources and support to those seeking effective management strategies for HG. The HER Foundation is the global voice of support and hope to all who are faced with managing HG.

 The HER Foundation also endeavors to achieve the following:

  1. Minimize the suffering and complications related to HG through education.
  2. Eradicate maternal or fetal mortality and morbidity due to delayed or inadequate treatment.
  3. Improve management by providing a support network to discuss treatments and outcomes.
  4. Develop a universal, adaptable treatment protocol to ensure consistent, proactive care.
  5. Raise awareness of the debilitating effects of HG to increase support and access to effective medical care.
  6. Educate practitioners, families and supporters on ways to manage and successfully cope.
  7. Expand HG education and awareness in medical and allied health schools.
  8. Contribute to the accuracy of HG related information in publications and through our current research.
  9. Increase awareness of Postpartum DepressionPost-Traumatic Stress Syndrome following HG to ensure treatment.
  10. Raise funds to support HG research and awareness, as well as publication of education materials.
Photo of Marlena Fejzo, Kimber MacGibbon, and Ann Marie King at SMFM20

USC/UCLA & HER Foundation Research Priorities

Maternal/Fetal death (associated meds, complications, cause, etc.)**

Rare Complications (maternal and fetal)**

PICC/TPN complications, effectiveness

Long-term fetal outcomes**

Trauma after HG (PTSD)**

Cognitive effects & treatment after HG (maternal, fetal)

Intrauterine programming (endocrine, emotional)

Twin study Pedigree study (maternal and paternal lines) **

Genetic links (DNA analysis)**

Wernicke's Encephalopathy**

Attitudes of health professionals**

Modes of nutritional support

Long- and short-term fetal disorders (triple A, neurodevelopmental/behavioral disorders)**

Effects of HG on family (relationships, child trauma)**

Long-term health issues of HG (autoimmune, musculoskeletal, metabolic)**

Treatment strategies/outcomes*** Project has started or some info has been published on this topic

Publications & Projects

  • Health professional attitudes & beliefs about HG
  • HG management
  • HG treatment protocol
  • Survey Research Summaries
  • HG & Foundation Awareness
  • HG Symposium to link/educate health professionals & patients
  • Abnormal outcomes Database (Maternal & Fetal)
  • Education of societies and professionals on management