Raise Your Voice for HER!


It is hard enough to have a successful pregnancy under normal conditions. Now our hospitals are jammed, chaotic, and operating in a different mode. Yet, there is always hope for moms with HG, and that is why we ask for your support as we work to bring focused education and resources to those women who need it during a highly stressful time. We are here for women regardless of what is going on around the world.

During this uncertain time  funding has been very minimal yet our work continues unabated. COVID-19 might push us around a bit, but it won’t keep us DOWN. We can continue our mission with your help. We will Raise Your Voice!

Please help us launch our new mobile-friendly site, continue advocacy and support, and many other educational and research projects. This means more moms will get better care in 2020 and beyond! 

Our mission is to find a cure for hyperemesis and its complications through advanced research, offer education and support to those seeking effective management strategies for hyperemesis, and provide information on new resources and treatment options as they become available.

HER Foundation EIN: 71-0912435

HG Mom Stories

My HG Hope For My Daughters

It was International Women’s Day 2023 when I found out the gender of my third child – a girl. We already had two daughters, a 3-year-old and a 21-month-old. We…

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Hollie’s Hyperemesis Gravidarum Story

I have two children and suffered hyperemesis throughout both pregnancies. Pregnancy for me was traumatic, lonely, and a very depressing time. I started vomiting around 5 weeks, vomiting up to…

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Allissa’s HG Reality

Pregnancy is supposed to be an exciting nine months, culminating with the arrival of your precious baby. When I first saw those two lines on the pregnancy test, I was…

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Twin Premature babies

KS’s HG Reality

When the Doctor Becomes the Patient Severe hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) requiring hospitalization typically occurs in up to 3% of pregnancies. But sadly, there is still a lack of knowledge regarding…

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Jessica’s HG Reality

In May 2018, my husband and I finally received a positive pregnancy test result. We were thrilled and decided to wait until Mother’s Day to tell our parents. However, my…

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Marissa’s HG Reality

I had HG in all three pregnancies and now have chronic anxiety and was diagnosed with PMADs.

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Joanne’s HG Reality

I lost my daughter at 26 weeks and suffered from many complications: preeclampsia, hemorrhage, infection/sepsis, premature delivery, severe dental damage, damage to my throat/stomach, PMADs, PTSD, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, gastroparesis, and cardiac complications.

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Chelsey’s HG Reality

The HER Foundation has helped me by being a voice for me. If it wasn’t for HER, I would not be able to cope with this difficult pregnancy.

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Kristina’s HG Reality

“If I wasn’t pregnant, nurses and doctors would treat this like a real problem and not something I just need to nibble my way through,” says Kristina. Hyperemesis Gravidarum must be recognized and treated to improve outcomes.

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Amrita’s Hyperemesis Gravidarum Reality

On my first Mother’s Day, I commemorated my suffering of 271 days by photographing you, my child, with 1/4 of the medications I had to take to function at barely 50%. I love you kid: your bright eyes, gummy smile, and nonsensical chatter. Thank you for making me a mother.

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