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Nada Al-Hamalawy, MPA

Egypt | Board of Directors since 2018-2022 | Advisory Council 2022

Nada Al-Hamalawy is a seasoned investor relations professional who has international experience covering Arab countries, the United Kingdom, and the United States. She has 15 years of experience working in investment banks, foreign government bodies, and international finance institutions. Nada had HG in her first pregnancy at its worst which led her to look for support groups online and finding HER Foundation. She has since been a supporter of the Foundation and the cause, raising awareness about HG in her personal network. She wishes to help find a cure for HG.

Nada earned her masters degree in Economic Policy from the School of International Affairs and Public Administration (SIPA) at Columbia University of New York. She has a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Cairo University in Egypt. She is an Egyptian-American living in New York City, a wife, and mother of two children.