Professor Stephen O’Rahilly
Fetally-encoded GDF15 and maternal GDF15 sensitivity are major determinants of nausea and vomiting in human pregnancy and what this means for future treatment possibilities

Dr. Marlena Fejzo
The Search for a Cause: Multi-ethnic meta-analysis identifies new genes associated with HG

Dr. Marc Vaudel
Contribution of Maternal, Paternal, and Fetal genes to HG and adverse outcomes

Dr. Fanos Yeshanew Ayele
Risk factors that contribute to the 11.3% incidence of HG in Ethiopia

Dr. Rachel Carmen Caesar
Cannabis use in pregnancy and the impact of health inequities on hyperemesis gravidarum pregnancies among Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color

Dr. Anne Ostenfeld
The HG Care quality improvement project

Dr. Eileen O’Brien
Nutrition: Establishing Consensus Guidelines

Dr. Aimee Brecht-Doscher
Difficult Cases Roundtable