IG Final Board of Directors Intro (16)-min

Kareema Mitchell Allen, JD

United States | Advisory Council since 2023

Kareema Mitchell Allen, JD, joins the HER Foundation Advisory Council with a background in law and advocacy, as well as education. Over the past 18 years, Kareema has used her education and skills to advocate for, empower, and educate members of historically disadvantaged populations. As an HG mom, she understands the challenges HG moms face during pregnancy and beyond, and how invaluable and life-saving a resource the HER Foundation is in its advocacy for educating pregnant mothers, their caregivers, and their medical providers. It is her sincere hope that all HG moms, especially those from historically disadvantaged communities, will be believed, validated, and cared for by their medical providers, families, and communities.
She currently lives in the DC area with her miracle baby.