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HG Memes are back for HG Awareness Month 2024

HG Memes are back for HG Awareness Month! We are inviting you to be part of meme Mondays all through May! You can start the submissions!

👉 Take your favorite kid pics and make them into HG memes.
👉 Send your memes to story@hyperemesis.org, and we will share our favorites on Mondays all through HGAM!

We are open to any memes one wishes to create. In the past, our community has really enjoyed using their children’s funny pictures to use as memes. But we understand that may not always be possible. Some options can include your own drawings/sketches, famous/common (“pre-made”) memes, non face pictures (if it fits), etc. As long as there are no copy right infringements and no triggers. We can review them and get back to you if there is a problem. We want everyone to participate, and can always be flexible!

Please note: We won’t be able to share memes with triggers.

You will receive an email with a consent form that must be signed for us to post on our socials.

We hope you’ll join the fun!

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  • SHARE your HG story and SEND us your HG hope quote.
  • SHARE your HG pictures.
  • CREATE and SEND your HG memes.
  • FUNDRAISE for HG education & research.
  • INVITE others to follow the HER Foundation and learn more about HG.
  • DONATE to the HER Foundation.
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  • USE the hashtags on your social: #HGAM24 #HGAD24 #HGhope
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