HG Prep (2)-min

Once a mom has a positive pregnancy test, she needs to start strong both medically and mentally.

But What's Next?

Call Your Doctor: Begin scheduling appointments with your OB-GYN, nurse-midwife, or your primary care physician. There is no such thing as being too proactive.

Start Preemptives and Begin Medical Protocols: Not sure what to bring to the doctor's office or how to create medical protocols? Visit HelpHER.org/tools for assessment tools, protocols, and other important resources.

Alert Support System: Having a strong support system is essential in any HG pregnancy. Call family and friends that have expressed a desire to help or maybe have already helped with past pregnancies. Share the big news!

Prepare Children with a Conversation: If you have other children in your family/household, it is good to start preparing a conversation about what a pregnancy means for the future. Dr. Robin Elise Wiess shares useful advice and tips on, "How to Tell Your Kids Where Babies Comes From," which can help navigate how to explain such a mature topic to small children.

Download the App and Begin Tracking Symptoms: The HG Care app for iOS is completely free. The HG Care App helps mothers track symptoms, learn what treatments are working, and lends an insight on your progress to share with family and health professionals. Download

Connect with HER: There are thousands of HG moms that have traveled this path and are here to support you through this journey. Stay Strong.

Take a Moment to Celebrate Your Pregnancy! All of this can be overwhelming for only one mom to bear. However, always remember you are not just an HG Survivor, but an HG HERo that is bringing another life into this world!