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The HER Foundation is here to help you find the support you need in our volunteer network, Facebook groups, social media pages, website resources, and monthly Online HG Support group!

Having a great support system is like having a safety net below you at all times, a safety net that can make all the difference when going through a pregnancy with HG. How do you build your support system if you had a subsequent HG pregnancy?

Here's one strategy:

1. Make a list of needs for both yourself and your household that require outside supporters. Remember things like laundry, meals for the rest of the family, cleaning, yard work, pets, seasonal help, insurance paperwork, and people to spend time with you since HG gets lonely, etc.
2. What needs take highest priority? Who would be best to help in each area?
3. Who can take care of my children when I need them? Is daycare a feasible option for our household or do we need to find teens/friends/family that can babysit in the home? Who could offer babysitting in an emergency? Who can babysit but may need some notice in advance?
4. What are some places that I can seek a support system outside of family/friends?
5. Where can I find people that fully understand HG and be there to support me emotionally? How can I find HG moms in my area and not just online?

We also like this article, which is not HG specific but addresses the challenge of parenting while ill.

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