King family

Ann Marie King


“You feel so helpless, no one truly understands HG except those who have experienced it. It’s truly frustrating when doctors, nurses, family and friends cannot get what is happening to your body and how the dreams of a normal pregnancy with cravings and taking care of your baby inside by eating healthy and using no type of drugs whatsoever have disappeared. Unless you have walked in the shoes of an HG woman you cannot begin to imagine what they are enduring. You may have endured bad morning sickness and you think you understand, but you can’t. Morning sickness and HG are completely different. Do not judge because the physical and emotional pain HG women endure while trying to sustain the life/lives of their unborn children is real. Simply be supportive and let them know you care. What is too painful to remember we try to forget, but I ask HG women and their families not to forget, but help the HER Foundation fight for research and awareness that is so desperately needed. The future of your children depends on it. Together we are heard, alone we are silent!”