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May 15th is International HG Awareness Day! You can help the HER Foundation raise awareness and educate about your HG Reality!

10 ways you can help!

  1. DANCE for HER in our #HERDanceParty.
  2. DONATE for research, education, and awareness.
  3. EMAIL HER pictures of your #HGreality, your HG art, and your family: theHERFoundation@gmail.com/
  4. TELL your HG Reality story.
  5. FOLLOW our Facebook Event.
  6. SHARE and follow HER content on your social media.
  7. COMPLETE our research surveys.
  8. USE our 2023 Awareness Kit.
  9. ADD the hashtags: #HGreality, #HGAD2023.
  10. TAKE care of yourself. This can be a tough day with triggers.