3 levels of Severity

Hyperemesis Gravidarum as a disease manifests itself in different levels of severity and is not the same for every woman. Understanding the range of different experiences helps with understanding what HG is. Regardless of whether HG is mild, moderate, or severe, the mother is miserable and misses out on the joy of a healthy pregnancy.

NOTE: This is not exact for every mother, just a general guideline.


 A woman can function somewhat but is still feeling miserable with mild *HG:

  • Usually ends by mid-pregnancy
  • Weight loss may be about 5%
  • Requires medications and sometimes IV fluids
  • Mother can continue some daily activities
  • Recovery may take a few months or more

*Mild HG is not morning sickness, and without proper interventions can escalate and put women at risk.


A woman struggles to function and is very miserable with moderate HG:

  • May continue beyond mid-pregnancy but severity lessens
  • Weight loss may be 5-10% (less with early treatment)
  • Requires medications, and sometimes fluids and/or nutrition therapy
  • Mother is extremely fatigued and only able to do a few tasks
  • Recovery may take several months
  • Signs of trauma and changes in family planning may occur


A woman is unable to function and constantly sick with severe HG:

  • Symptoms are often difficult to control with medications
  • Weight loss often is 10% or more (less with early treatment)
  • Requires fluids, medications, and sometimes nutrition support for months
  • Mother is exhausted, malnourished, and unable to care for herself
  • Recovery can take 1-2 months for every month sick
  • Signs of trauma and changes in family planning are common
  • Delivery may be complicated and difficult due to debility
  • Without treatment, the life of mother and baby are at risk