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Kelly Ryerson, MBA

United States | Board of Directors since 2018 | Chair 2021-present

Kelly Ryerson works at the intersection of health and agriculture, addressing the ways in which our food system, soil, and microbiome have been corrupted by the rampant use of toxic herbicides. She collaborates with scientists, farmers, policymakers, and companies to tackle pressing agricultural issues and their contribution to human disease. Kelly founded the educational platform Glyphosate Facts, which explains the public health emergency driven by the overuse of the toxic pesticide Roundup.

Kelly has a BA from Dartmouth College in Economics and an MBA with a certificate in Healthcare Public Policy from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She also studied Integrative Health Coaching through Duke University.

Kelly is a two time survivor of Hyperemesis Gravidarum and dedicated to improving the health outcomes for HG sufferers and their children.