At the HER Foundation, we understand the vital role of storytelling.

Benefits of story: 

  • to talk about HG is healing
  • to write about HG promotes awareness 
  • to read about HG is validating 
  • to connect our community through shared experiences is crucial
  • to educate others who have no experience with HG encourages empathy
  • to promote changes in policy leads to improved care

Who tells the stories is as important as the stories themselves, and we want to interview HG survivors who may not feel comfortable writing in English.

If you would like to share your story:

  1. Please email us:*
  2. A volunteer/intern writer will email to schedule your interview on Zoom. The interview will cover 1 or 2 groups of questions below depending on what you want to share.
  3. Our volunteer will draft a story from your interview, and the Director and/or communications coordinator will review the written interview.
  4. You will be asked to review the written piece and sign a photo/story/video release form.
  5. You will send us any changes you would like and some pictures of yourself and your family.**

We would also like to know:

  • How do you refer to hyperemesis gravidarum in your native language? 
  • How do you say 1 mom is 2 many (one mom is too many) in your native language?

* If you prefer to submit your story by writing it instead, fill out our story survey

* * If you are uncomfortable with sharing pictures and would prefer not to do any video, please let us know. We can work with you. Our primary goal is increasing awareness and sharing the stories of as many women as possible across the globe. Your voice is important!