Lyle Brooks, JD

United States | Referral Manager 2013 - present | Advisory Council since 2018

Lyle Brooks New York attorney with 30 years’ experience in complex civil and commercial litigation who has served as a Volunteer and Referral Coordinator with HER since 2013 and has been involved in HG advocacy since 2006.

Lyle coordinates support for families who contact the Foundation. He moves the mission forward in this core area through engagement with those who contact HER by email ( or are referred by volunteers. Lyle is skilled in determining the needs of mothers and families and offering options and solutions. He creates individualized resources and information communication, arranges peer-to-peer relationships, manages the networking of volunteers who offer social support, provides lists of HG friendly providers from our Referral Network, and through research based on an individual mother’s needs, and most importantly, his kindness means that mothers feel heard and believed.