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Bobby Montalvo

Director of Global Business


Bobby earned his BA in Spanish and Media Studies from Pitzer College, where he learned how to use media to bring businesses and underserved populations together. He also has extensive training in LEAN enterprise business solutions, which has prepared him to help businesses become more efficient and effective.

Bobby is a media producer and entrepreneur with a deep personal connection to HG. His wife is going through her third pregnancy with HG, and learning that his two daughters will likely have HG in the future has led him to join HER and advocate for more awareness and research on the disease.

Bobby has a long history of success in the broadcast industry. He has helped foundations reach millions of dollars in grant funding to serve populations that are struggling and underrepresented. His strategies for PR and education are unparalleled, using media messages across all platforms with a large organic reach and engaged audiences. His experience in media production and management is extensive. He has produced over 1000 hours of live and pre-recorded broadcast television programming, launched 2 TV networks from ground zero, designed and built 4 multimillion dollar broadcast studios, custom-designed and produced digital real estate for businesses to generate passive income, and has a passion for streamlining and automating manual processes for businesses. This wealth of experience makes him an invaluable asset to any business looking to utilize the power of media to reach a global audience.