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Dear Potential Sponsor,

HER is holding a Virtual Walk, Run, or Roll for our new LED Crisis Fund! This fund will allow the HER Foundation to help women in crisis by covering their co-pays or medical costs up to $500. 100% of your sponsorship costs and donations will go directly to this important new initiative launching in October 2021.

Thank you in advance for helping a mom get critical treatment and avoid the choice of suffering (and possible long term consequences for her and her baby) or therapeutic termination of her pregnancy.

The LED Crisis Fund was launched by Kari and Jay Dermer in honor of their daughter, Liora.

Thank you!

Kimber MacGibbon, RN
Executive Director

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The HER Foundation is the global voice of HG Progress. We’re a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides support, groundbreaking research, advocacy, and education on hyperemesis. Since 2000, we have been the leading source of information on HG and have helped hundreds of thousands of families across the globe.

HER is dedicated to helping those suffering hyperemesis and those who have survived it. Only those who experience HG can truly understand how difficult it is! The Foundation is here to be a voice of support and education to all who are faced with managing HG. Our mission is to find a cure for hyperemesis and its complications through advanced research, provide education and support to those seeking effective management strategies for hyperemesis, and provide information on new resources and treatment options as they become available. HER Foundation EIN: 71-0912435.

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