Research on HG's short- and long-term effects is desperately needed and needed now. We need to do more to find a cure for this disease that has such devastating effects on a growing number of soon-to-be mothers.
Congressman Xavier Becerra (CA)
HG forces women to make difficult decisions... the H.E.R. web site is the most comprehensive location to educate oneself to make the best decisions.
Marlena S. Fejzo, PhD USA
HG is a devastating illness and yet so little research has been undertaken into causes and therapies.
Dr. Matthes Seeling, MD
HG is a tremendously debilitating disease that can have life-long consequences. This Web site will provide much needed support to mothers suffering from this disease.
TM Goodwin, MD USA
HG has a devastating personal and family impact and effective management is most important.
Ron Taylor, MD UK
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Insurance & Disability in US

By Timothy M. Klob, JD

"The military has all sorts of Family Support programs in place now – much more so over the past 10 years due to constant deployments. Military One Source is a 24/7 clearinghouse line to point members and dependents to resources:

There are service-specific programs out there as well, but the above resource is a good starting point for military assistance."

"If you are unable to work due to a disabling condition, you may be eligible for either short-term or long-term disability benefits. While individuals can purchase these plans independently of their employer, most individuals have short term or long term disability benefits through employer plans as part of their employee benefits, and you should discuss with your human resources department whether you can utilize these benefits if your condition prevents you from working and you are required to leave work prematurely. 

As a general rule, short term disability benefits are for a limited duration (generally six months or less) and long term disability benefits can be payable for two years or longer depending upon the specific policy requirements.

Another potential benefit which can be available in addition to short term or long term disability insurance is Social Security disability. This is generally available in cases where an individual with a severe impairment which has either lasted for one year or is likely to last for one year or longer meets the additional insured status and medical-vocational-educational requirements for Social Security disability benefits. Your State, however, may have a State disability benefits program that is independent from Social Security. More specifically, Social Security disability benefits fall under two major programs:

1. Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits, which are based on one’s total and recent earnings and is based on what one has previously paid into the system, and

2. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, which provide a reduced benefit rate that is an entitlement not tied to prior earnings history but which is only paid to disabled individuals who also fall below minimal resource levels from all other sources. 

When applying for Social Security disability benefits, the Administration will review your past earnings history as well as your educational, vocational and medical records to determine whether your condition meets their definition of “disability” for purposes of entitlement to benefits. While individuals can be successful in obtaining benefits on their own in some cases, the technical requirements to prove disability in most cases requires that one hire an experienced representative to assist in developing and presenting their case to the Administration to ensure that all critical deadlines are met and all key evidence is submitted in order to ensure the best possible chance for a favorable decision."


If you live outside the US and would like to share how your disability assistance program works, please email me the details and links.

Updated on: Oct. 31, 2016

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