We made it! Even with an awful labor

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We made it! Even with an awful labor

Postby AstronomyNut » Jul 23, 2013 1:02 am

My little girl was just born and I just couldn't be happier! She is so beautiful and amazing. Thanks to Zofran, Promethazine, Famotidine, and Reglan, we survived HG together! :) DH and I thanked our doctor for being so on top of the HG, bc we wouldn't be here without him.

Labor was pretty awful, I have to say! This is my first and I already have a very low tolerance for pain. So I was expecting to have relief with an epidural. Well, apparently I'm a medical anomaly. 1st epidural they put in lasted about an hour-- I was 4cm and in so much pain already, it was terrifying to know it would get even worse later on-- and then I started feeling the pain of contractions again! As much as I had been screaming and crying at 4cm before they put it in, now that I was more it was even worse. The pain was just blinding to me. The drs and anesthesiologist were confused because it's supposed to last, so during these even worse contractions they put in a new epidural. That didn't numb the pain as much as the first one, but it was bearable. Then THAT wore off after an hour. A different anesthesiologist came in and tried seeing if the problem was that I wasn't being flipped side to side, but that wasn't it. She gave me boluses (spelling?) every couple hours that were more concentrated than the regular bag they give and that was probably the only way I made it through. Seriously, during the times the bolus wore off and I couldn't get another one yet, my blood pressure got really really high and so did my heart rate. I felt terrible because it was causing baby's heart rate to go up too, which made me cry and made it even harder to control my breathing.

Thank goodness we got through it, though. FINALLY I got dilated to 9.5cm and even though that wasn't all the way, the Dr said I could start pushing and that made it so the horrible contractions were at last bearable. I pushed for 3 hours, but it felt like 45 minutes. As soon as she was out, though, it was immediate relief.

As for the HG, they gave me a plate of food right after I was sewn up and baby was taken care of. The nausea was finally gone and I didn't know what the food was, just some unidentified meat and maybe some veggies? I can't remember. I didn't care. I just ate it not caring what it was, because I finally didn't have to think about what I ate anymore. It was a great feeling :)

I just feel so lucky that both of us made it through such a tough pregnancy plus a tough labor. I'm so happy and feel so blessed.
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Re: We made it! Even with an awful labor

Postby leahmsilverman » Jul 23, 2013 1:21 pm

Congrats!!!! You did it!!! I hope you and baby continue to do well and that you're eating some yummy food! :D
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