Long term dental problems!!!

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Long term dental problems!!!

Postby Hotbrass » May 09, 2005 1:34 pm

Just wondering if anyone else has had bad dental problems after HG? My teeth have never been the same. My dentist, whom I have been to from childhood, is at a loss. I got a second opinion who thought that I might have a bacterial infection that causes rotting from the root rather than regular decay. We have had to start pulling my teeth and babying them along. Treatment so far has included: Home floride mouth trays two days a week, peridental (sp?) vitamins, xylitol gum and mouth mints etc.., xylitol sprinkled in aloe vera gel in mouth trays while I sleep. My dentist asked if I have a eating disorder and I swear I don't. He even asked my husband privately because he didn't believe me. Anyone else having dental problems even years after HG?
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Postby di » May 09, 2005 5:44 pm

Good luck with your teeth. :) I can't offer any advice because I am still pregnant but i am scared about my teeth too - they just dont feel the same :? In October 2003 i had my braces off and my teeth professionaly cleaned for my wedding and managed to keep them pretty nice - by november 2004, they were discoloured and they feel all wrong :( i will be interested to hear what others have to say :) right now the thought of going to a dentist scares me almost as much as having my c-section! :oops: All the best!

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Postby NutinStaysDown » May 14, 2005 6:20 pm

How horrible! I haven't been since my first was 2 weeks old, and was still suffering from gingivitis due to that fact that I was bf.

I would love a doctor/med profession to chime in here!

I know that my nails were growing great, despite the fact that I wasn't keeping anything in me. My body was getting the calcium (and other nutrients) from somewhere (my marrow or teeth?), not from my diet. It is my understanding that during pregnancy that one of the marvelous things are bodies do (at our expense) is to release Calcium from our reserves. Along with months of malnutrition, due to our friend HG, I can only imagine what a toll it takes on our bodies. (Personally, I am afraid of osteoporosis, too.)

I heard a story of a woman (whose faith required many children) suffered through eight very sick pregnancies (sounded like HG) and at the age of 38 was wearing dentures. Okay, I didn't say that to scare you, but I definitely think the decay or breakdown of teeth from the roots is very plausible, and related to HG.

So, I am assuming that you told the dentist about your HG experience. Maybe he doesn't really understand HG, leading him to suspect an eating disorder. (After all, HG is a eating disorder...everytime I ate, my stomach found disorder! hahaha :D ) Maybe you could provide him with some HG info, and if that doesn't work, send him to HG Island.

Also, if he suspects a bacterial infection in your roots, did prescribe you antibiotics?

Let us know if the treatments for your teeth and gums helped!

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Postby JudyC » May 26, 2005 12:06 am


I've had nothing but dental problems after my 2 HG pregnancies. Severe vomiting and nausea, made me unable to brush my teeth for great periods of time. Putting a toothbrush into my mouth would make me gag. The acid from vomit erodes tooth enamel, leaving your teeth weaker and more susceptible to problems. Because I didn't brush my teeth while I was sick, I also suffered severe plaque build up on my teeth which really seemed to push my gums down. Now all my roots are exposed and I have very sensitive teeth. I also developed discolouration of my teeth during pregnancy (white spots on my teeth), and a lot of my teeth keep cracking and need repairs. I also had a root canal done.

I have a friend who is a dentist, and she urged me during my first pregnancy to use a particular mouthwash to help reduce the amount of bacteria and plaque on my teeth (she knew I wasn't brushing). She assured me that I would have teeth problems what with all that vomiting, if I didn't take care of my teeth. However, I couldn't even stomach using the mouthwash, so as she predicted, I've got a lot of teeth problems.

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Postby YankeeMomInVA » Jul 24, 2005 1:25 pm

Wow... while I don't have it as bad as you do, I just had my second trip to the dentist since my son was born 2 years ago . The first one was last year and the dentist was a real jerk, so I never went back to have the work done... so I let it go...(I know I shouldn't have waited that long.>I know I know I know...)...

Anyway... Every single frickin' one of my teeth needs filling with the exception of my top two front teeth... otherwise...ALL fillings...and my dentist said that the fillings are only temporary and that I really need crowns...and possibly a root canal on one of the teeth if it really starts bothering me....but since I want to ttc in the next few weeks that he'd rather get all the fillings done to stop further decay...

I have NEVER had a cavity before my HG pregnancy! I came home from that dental appointment in tears.... it's awful....

Kind of scary knowing that I'm about to embark on that journey again...

My dentist DID mention some kind of mouth rinse that would kill the bacteria and could replace brushing if I was very very ill.. But something tells me the taste will be enough to send me into pukedom anyway...

So..>just wanted to say that you're not alone... I've already done $2000 worth of work in the last 2 weeks...and have about $1000 more to do! :-P
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Postby UKmommy » Jul 27, 2005 6:08 am

Hi, I have just joined this forum, with suffering 2hg pregnancies, one which I aborted 9 years ago, and one with a little boy of 17 months old. I am sorry to say, I have had to have dentures due to my HG pregnancies. I could not brush my teeth for the whole 9 months of prenancy, and it has caused major problems beyond repair for me. It is sad the damage being pregnant can do to you. Sorry to dissapoint people.

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Today is D-Day

Postby di » Aug 07, 2005 9:10 pm

Hi there all :)

Well I broke a filling the other day on a cherry seed, so I have to go to the dentist today. :( To be honest I am sh!t-scared of what he will say about my teeth because they are in a very sorry state after puking and not being able to brush for so long: :twisted:

I'll post when I get back! :)

Hoping you're all having a good day. :)

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Postby di » Aug 09, 2005 6:53 am

I had a filling repaired yesterday and because of the HG I need another 5 fillings :shock: OUCH!!! (in both the mouth and the hip pocket!) :(
There would be weeping and gnashing of teeth....but I will barely have any teeth left to gnash
:!: :evil:
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Postby mommy_bug2 » Aug 30, 2005 2:52 pm

Not sure how I missed this post, but was thinking about this the other day. During all pregnancies all I can handle sometimes is to swish water around. The thought of a toothbrush in my mouth makes me gag? And the taste of toothpaste? Ugh. Mine are much weaker now, and dealing with more cavities, fillings, and root canals than I ever thought I would have in my lifetime. My teeth just don't feel the same or look the same for that matter.

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