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My 4 births

PostPosted: Feb 03, 2014 11:10 pm
by SherryS
I have had 4 babies. I believe I probably only posted my second birth.

My first I had pretty bad HG. I was able to work through it, but I worked post partum and was able to ask the OBs for meds to tide me over, or go to L&D when my PTL picked up. I stopped working 15 days before my EDD. The day after I stopped working I went for my OB visit and was told I had extremely low fluids. I was working 60 hours a week, had just got off a 13 hour shift. We just bought and moving into our home, and only me and my husband were moving things, so I had to help haul in dressers and beds. I ended up having an emergency induction(which I now regret) at 38 weeks. I had my son the next day. He was 7#13oz. Healthy. I regret not doing research about the induction, and other things, but I cant turn back time. My son is now 6. He has migraines, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, dyslexia, ocd(mild), and mood problems. But he is a great child :D

My second was a horrible pregnant. Worse HG. I was in and out of the clinic and ER and L&D, and urgent cares. I wanted a zofran pump but the clinic refused unless I was hospitalized for a week first. But my husbands work would not let him off for a week and I did not want my son in foster care. So I stayed home. Felt like I was dying. But I survived. My water broke at 38 weeks, a slow trickle, but got stronger as the day went on. I had had contractions for months, was already dilated to a 6 and almost fully effaced as of a week prior. After about 12 hours we decided to load up and head to the hospital, which was an hour drive. By the time we left it was rush hour, a car cut us off and slammed on their brakes, we rammed into them. Air bag hit my belly straight on. The next few hours were horrible. After about 24 hours post water rupturing I caved and got an epidural, my back was hurting from the car accident, I was blacking out in pain, my baby was not tolerating my pain. After a few more hours it kicked in enough to ease the pain and my daughter was born. I had a full birth team, surgical team and NICU team in my room, I did not notice, but they freaked hubby out. She was 7#12oz. She ended up with a bad case of jaundice, I think due to trauma from car accident. But leveled out finally after 3 weeks. She also has migraines, CVS, mood problems and possible sensory problems.

My third was a fairly easy pregnancy. I had almost no nausea and vomiting. I really did not feel pregnant until I was past 6 months and my stomach was in my way. As I was use to being sick non stop, this was CAKE. I did have a scare with her, I was on a medication I was told was safe for breastfeeding and pregnancy(I was nursing my older daughter) I got pregnant on it and did not find out I was pregnant until I was 8 weeks. By the time I could get in with an OB, I was nearly 13 weeks. At that point this medication was put on the black list. Class D medication. The OB was freaking out. I ended up needing 2 ultrasounds mid pregnancy to make sure she did not have birth defects(needed a second because she was not developed enough at 18 weeks). She was born at 41 weeks in a birthcenter, in a birth pool. My labor was almost non existent. I called my midwife, informing her I did not think I was in labor but my doula insisted I was. My midwife said I could not be because I was talking through contractions. She called back 20 minutes later insisting we check, just in case. I showed up and She said I was in labor(I was checked and went from 2-5cm, a few days earlier, during the exam. This day I was at 7cm) I still did not feel it. I had only had maybe 4 contractions that felt STRONG. Maybe 45 minutes after arriving, labor truly hit. I got in the birth pool and with in 45 minutes, my baby girl was born, my membranes ruptured as her head came out. She still had it covering her face with fluid, it was pretty cool. She was 9# 7oz at birth. Health wise, she had a meconium plug. 2 seizures as an infant(not due to fever). diarrhea non stop since she was 11 months old. She is diagnosed with CVS. She also has started complaining of head pain and how she describes it and her actions makes me believe they are migraines. She also has pretty bad sensory problems.

My youngest. I had almost no nausea and vomiting. I was 8 weeks when I tested. I gave my husband the test as a birthday gift. I decided from the day I found out that I was going to birth at home, with my husband. I had had horrible experiences with OBs, and the midwife did nothing I could not do, and I did not want to pay $3000 for nothing. I did my own prenatals. I did not announce my pregnancy, friends local finally guessed when I was 5-6 months along, but not sure how far along I was and I refused to tell them. I announced to my family & FB when I was 29-30 weeks, but again, did not tell them my "due" date. I started having bloody show and contractions ON my guess date. We hurried and set up the birth pool, gathered items in the right spots. I took a shower and hubby went to get our photographer(my friend). That was about noon. Things seemed slow going. I would have contractions close, then as far out as 30 minutes. Lots of breaks, rest and fun. Then strong again. Things did not really pick up until the sun went down. around 7pm. Once transition hit, things sped up. My water broke at 7:43pm and he decided to fly out, I tried holding him in and was yelling "Stay in baby" "Slow down" "stop" he was born at 7:46pm. :D we found out gender a few minutes later, forgot to look after he was born. He was named a bit later and middle name I thought up that night. He was 8#. His 1st birthday is in 2.5weeks. He is showing signs of cvs as well....dr thinks its reflux.....but I have never seen uncontrollable projectile vomiting till dry heaving kicks in, in reflux babies...

I would love to have more babies, but I worry about HG and needing to care for my other kids, or having more kids with high needs.

Re: My 4 births

PostPosted: Feb 10, 2014 2:09 pm
by MamaJessie
Those are so extreme birthing stories! Wow! Did you do anything with your last two pregnancies to have your HG reduced so much? I want to try one more time(2 HG pregs), but my husband and family and myself - we are all afraid of another HG pregnancy. It was terrifying, worrying the baby wouldn't survive the pregnancy. My husband freaked every time we went to the ER for fluids. None of the meds worked. It was just a bad experience, except when my babies would kick. The reminder of why I was doing what I was doing. I hate HG but love having babies. If there was anything I could do to reduce or eliminate it I would get pregnant again!
Thanks! !

Re: My 4 births

PostPosted: Feb 17, 2014 3:34 am
by SherryS
I did not prepare for my 3rd and 4th babies. They were both surprises. #3 I was EBFing and had had trouble getting pregnant the first 2 times, so I did not expect to get pregnant, we also used protection now and then....I did not realize I was pregnant till I was 8 weeks along. With my HG pregnancies I notices before I was even 4 weeks along, because I was SICK. I cant remember doing anything different, I did use ginger often. I knew what helped food/drink wise and I tried to stick to those. But I had almost no nausea, I DID have some, but nothing to complain about. MY main issue was hip pain, My hips dislocate more and more with each pregnancy, I also deal with preterm labor. But I managed it with certain things, stopping some, modifying others.

With #4 I SWEAR we never slipped up once, we always used protection....I was EBFing my 3rd(she was only 8 months too) and yeha, did not find out until I was 8 weeks pregnant. Same as above, I had mild symptoms of pregnancy. Only few bouts of nausea(nothing I dont deal with when not pregnant) Plus other pregnancy signs. I did what I always do for nausea and it helped. I had less stress this pregnancy, as I did not see an OB, did not have the stress of dealing with them bugging me.

I honestly would love more kids, I worry about another HG pregnancy while still nursing a baby. While still having toddlers. While having 4 high needs kids already. But then again, I would love to have sleep. I think once these guys are older I would think about it again. My husband wants more kids and does not as well. We are not preventing, not trying. So who knows. :P