Vivienne Grace has arrived!

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Vivienne Grace has arrived!

Postby ViennaMama » Feb 16, 2011 5:15 am

Hello everyone!

After 38 weeks of HG, my doctor decided enough was enough and I went in for a scheduled induction. She was born on Sunday at 17:42 here at the Goldenes Kreuz private hospital in Vienna, Austria. She is 3160 grams and 50 cm long and is absolutely perfect! You can check out our web birth announcement using the following link: ... r_20110215

So I went in Sunday morning for the induction and they did a CTG and preliminary exam. As nothing was ready yet (cervix not dilated) they inserted a Prostaglandin tablet and sent me up to my room. I napped and went back two hours later...nothing happening. I napped again and went back around 3 in the afternoon for another CTG. My doc was there and she asked if I was feeling contractions and I said no. She reminded me that it can take awhile with induction and then did a check only to discover that I was actually 5 cm dilated! I had not felt a thing! CTG showed contractions but I was not really feeling them. They decided to insert a strip of the same hormone prostaglandin that they could take out once the contractions got stronger. I went downstairs and walked around for a bit and ny 4 I was feeling contractions. I went up to the birthing room again at 4:45ish and was already 8 cm dilated. They broke my water and like 5:15 and I was pushing soon after. She was born at 5:42 so it did not take too long. There was some tearing but not too much. Peter was right by my side and got to cut the cord. I got to hold her while they were stiching me up and it was soooo nice. Really the whole thing went pretty quickly and was not too bad- a nice treat after such a miserable pregnancy!

Physically I am doing well and slowly getting back. I definitely bruised/broke my tailbone (happens with quick labors sometimes) so it is hard to sit and painful to get up or down but it is getting better each day. I had a lot of contractions/afterbirth pains the first night and day after but they are slowly going away. Vivienne took right away to the breast (she was already sucking in the birthing room) and my milk is in (I forgot how swollen and painful breastfeeding was!). She is wonderfully healthy and active. Her nose and one ear is a little lopsided from how she came out but it should go away in the next couple of days. It is cute cause it makes her make these little noises when she sleeps and drinks :)

Mentally, I am feeling a thousand times better. I still am taking it slow with food as it is hard to get back into the routine of eating normal again. I am holding it all down but my appetite is not yet back to normal as I think my body just blocked appetite after getting sick so much. With Mathias it also took a bit to get back to regular appetite but I am trying hard to eat regularly even if I think I am not hungry. I am also taking lots of vitamins and whatnot. So far so good but I know that the hormones are still not quite out and so I am keeping alert for any changes. In the meantime, I am totally smitten with Vivienne! I just stare at her in wonder and awe....

Mathias took the baby sister thing well but I do not know how much he realizes that she is permanent. He just likes being in the hospital visiting me because I let him watch cartoons on the big TV here :) He gave her a bussi and loved the present that she gave him. He watched me breastfeed and it seemed to be okay. The real test is when we get home...

Ladies, I am thinking of you all and wishing you strength. Vivienne is one tough little girl and as much as I hated my pregnancy, I love having her here.

Nicole :D
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Postby JulianaHG » Feb 16, 2011 9:41 am

Congrats she is BEAUTIFUL! xx
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Postby KarenJ » Feb 16, 2011 3:14 pm

What a beautiful little girl. Many Congrats!

Karen J.
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Postby DivineLotus » Feb 16, 2011 4:14 pm

Yay! Congrats on baby.
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